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About us Kennel "Egermaster" breeding only Deutsch-drathaar. We give preference to the German way of working with the breed, kennel is a member of the Russian Association of Deutsch-Drahthaar.
Our dogs live and hunt all over Russia - from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, from Yakutsk to Krasnodar, in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, in Serbia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, United States and China. Our kennel was registered in 2008. In the same year appeared the first litter.
But passion for this breed started much earlier. The first time I saw the pictures with DD in "Hunting" magazine when I was five years old. My father and grandfather were hunters. When I was three years old, they began to take me to hunting.
I always loved dogs, my father would need a helper on the hunt and we got to choose the breed. We knew DD only from photo in magazines and books but chose him. Unfortunately, in those days it was impossible to find a DD puppy and we have a spaniel. But a year later, we were able to find our first DD, male, his name was Lars. I was 10 years old. Later, there was a wonderful DD female Nera, which unfortunately died early.
I always wanted to learn more about the breed, I read a lot, ask, worked on dogs show as a secretary. In 1995, I was educated as an "expert" in Russian Kinologikal Federation (RKF, in last time RKA). In the same year when I was looking for information, I met Robert Kalashnikov - the first president of the Russian Association of Deutsch-Drathaar (RADD).
And my life with RADD started. In 1997, with all friends from RADD, I participated in a seminar on the German testing regulations and breed rules who teaches Wolf Schmidt-Korbi in Yekaterinburg. In 2004 I had a dog who have so excellent quality and was the founder of my kennel. This lovely dog ancestor - Alsu.
She gave two interesting litter, her daughters and granddaughters I actively use in my breeding. One of her daughters, born from matings in Germany stayed in my home and I'm very proud of her - Egermaster Black Queen. Also in my kennel I was bought two females from Germany - Laika vom Schaar and Jana vd Neffelbachaue.
I use males with interesting set of qualities and blood, living in Russia and in another countries . I made ​some matings our females with a world name producers such as Luchs III vd Wupperaue, Watz vom Stadtgraben, Uno vom Schinkelberg, and of course I will continue to do it in the future.
I also bring interest males from Europe for breeding in my kennel - Duro III v.d. Wissower Klinken,  Quid di Costa Rubea. I continue to look for fine blood, great producers and interesting combinations to get dogs with excellent hunting qualities, great type and good character.
We invite you to join the family "Egermaster." If you choose a dog from our kennel you get on the full support and consultations during all life of your dog.

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